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Focus more on selling and let ARMOR-IIMAK’s print lab determine a thermal transfer ribbon solution for your opportunity. Our free technical support services can be an extension of your service offering. Whether it’s dialing in a printer for your customer, print testing, or a simple troubleshooting question, our technical support team is fully staffed to answer any inquiry.

  • FREE of charge service
  • Quick Print Test Turnaround – 24 hours
  • Generic Tech Support Hotline: 888-372-0137
  • LiveChat through
  • On-site technical support for large opportunities

Generic Reporting – Your Competitive Advantage

Expert technicians can replicate just about any application with a quick test turnaround. Generic reporting allows you to clearly present results to your customer, including which ribbon performed best and actual printed samples. Impress your end user with a generic print test report, with findings in key areas such as:

  • Test Information Summary: Specific print tests details such as ribbons tested, printers used, and settings such as print speed, darkness, and temperature
  • Findings and Recommendations: Statement on which ribbons performed the best
  • Actual printed samples from the test
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Print Lab Overview

Scratch test

ARMOR-IIMAK carries over 60 of the most common flat head and near edge printer brands and models in the industry – no print test is out of reach. 50+ documented test procedures in ARMOR-IIMAK’s Quality Management System ensure consistent testing methodologies are followed for all types of thermal transfer ribbons, media, and applications. With years of technical industry experience, look to the experts in ARMOR-IIMAK’s print lab for support on all your thermal transfer ribbon opportunities.

Print Quality Evaluation

ARMOR-IIMAK’s print lab stringently follows American National Standards Institute standardized systems, utilizing ANSI grade barcode verifiers in its evaluation process. With print testing performed more aggressively than the industry standard, you’ll be certain in your ribbon recommendation.

ARMOR-IIMAK’s print lab has the equipment and resources to make sure you have the right ribbon for the job:

  • Crock Meter: Tests durability of the printed image, utilizing a mechanized scratch or smudge arm
  • Environmental Chambers: Designed to imitate environmental conditions at your customer’s site, such as temperature and humidity levels
  • Sutherland Rub: Test which mimics typical contact and abrasion commonly seen in applications such as shipping/receiving, inventory, and warehouse-type environments
  • Taber Abraser: Tests printed durability on polyesters and acrylic materials utilizing a rotary abrader
  • Chemicals: Over 100 of the most common chemicals available for testing, from mild cleaning agents to aggressive, harsh solvents.

ARMOR-IIMAK’S Technical Support is the advantage you have at your fingertips. It’s easy, simple, and end-users receive answers. With the Print Lab on your side, you don’t have to be ribbon experts, because the technicians are the ribbon and printer experts.

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