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For years, textile applications had to work with only 1 dedicated textile resin and a range of white fabric labels only. Textile application requirements can be very different and may need different options.

Textile labels are typically exposed to very high levels of duress throughout the life cycle of the products they are attached to, including clothing, household linens, specific automotive applications, and more.

Labels on outdoor equipment are often exposed to rain and snow, moisture, UV rays from the sun, extreme temperatures, and harsh operating conditions. Crucially, product information labels on such devices are highly resistant to mechanical and environmental influences.

Clothing labels made of textile materials contain important information for the care of the products to which they are sewn or adhered to and sometimes also for identification and traceability.

Government regulations are strict, and the contents of textile labels must be relevant to help the consumer purchase and remain legible throughout the product’s entire life cycle.

Based on that, we now have developed a comprehensive range to meet most textile printing requirements.

Resin textile ribbons dedicated to fabric label materials

Introducing 3 ribbons that are designed to meet every challenge of textile labeling. These highly durable textile resin ribbons have been developed for specific garment care applications and are dry clean and laundry safe.

3 black textile resins:

·        ATX 1 – Your competitive ribbon that has high print density ensures perfect readability, print remains legible after cleaning processes, and -12% plastics due to thinner PET

·        ATX 7 – Your general-purpose ribbon is designed for intensive printing and is resistant to textile cleaning processes

·        ATX 9 – Your high-performance ribbon has a strong resistance to industrial textile cleaning processes and high resistance to heat and ironing

black ribbons

3 color textile resins:

·        ATX 7W – The White with high versatility performance

·        ATX 7UW – The Ultra White with a level of whiteness that makes the difference at first sight

·        ATX 7R – The Red with high versatility performance

textile resin ribbons red white
Textile Resin range video
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