Horticulture Labels and Tags

Track & Trace Printing Solutions for Garden Centers, Greenhouses, Nurseries & Florists

  • Resistance to abrasion between plants
  • Resistance to UV light and demanding climatic conditions
  • Compatible with the various materials for stick-in or loop labels

Labelling Horticultural products

Variable information printing and marking are essential for inventory control, consumer education, and marketing efforts in the horticulture industry. Garden centers, greenhouses, nurseries, and florists often print on styrene, vinyl, or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) substrates on-demand to label plant inventory. The size and shape of the substrate can vary widely depending on the type of plant being labeled, with hangtags being used for hanging baskets, pot labels/stakes being used for potted plants and wrap-around tags for trees and bushes.

These labels, stakes, and tags provide plant-specific variable information to the consumer, including plant variety, care instructions, prices, company information, and barcodes. The tags and labels also provide an important marketing function. Studies show that consumers purchase plant labels with detailed information about the plant and its care requirements more often than plants without such a label.

The labels are subject to various environmental and weather conditions, including ultraviolet ray and heat exposure from sunlight, water exposure from plant irrigation, and occasional chemical exposure from fertilizer or pesticide applications. The labels are also handled repeatedly as plants are moved through the inventory process to eventual sale. Despite these harsh environments, the labels need to remain highly legible throughout the supply chain.

Woman with potted plant. Cropped image of woman in uniform holding a potted plant while in a greenhouse.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this application ?

Thermal transfer printing technology for plant labels and tags

ARMOR-IIMAK’s Thermal Transfer ribbons for labels offer an excellent print finish for stick-in or loop labels, whether out of PVC or Tyvek®.
The print sharpness makes it possible to print all types of barcodes, large and small characters, prices and logos on horticultural labels. The inks used in ARMOR-IIMAK black ribbons (and certain other colours) are not degraded by sunlight.

  • For printing on a horticultural label not exposed to very aggressive conditions, a Wax-Resin ink such as the APX®FH+ is an ideal option.
  • For labels exposed to the most aggressive conditions (fertiliser, extreme temperatures and abrasion), a Resin ink from the AXR® range is recommended to ensure excellent data legibility over time.

For this application, we recommend the following products:

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