Why chosing AXR 600 to print highly durable electronics labels was a success ?

Phone Battery

Print battery labels with a 100% Halogen free and solvent resistant solution.

One of the biggest Chinese electronics label printing company (batteries, laptop, etc.) has been challenged to print tiny white characters on plain black labels. they were looking for a better solution as they tried a ribbon that didn’t totally meet their requirement in terms of chemical composition- in particular Halogens.

The challenge

This giant manufacturer has pointed out the characteristics they were looking for:

  • A product that is 100% Halogen free
  • Resistant to solvents
  • With good printing results and stable quality

The solution

AXR 600W ribbon meets all these expectations:

  • A great print sharpness to guarantee a nice print finishing and perfect readability of logos, barcodes, and small characters.
  • Good resistance to solvents which are used during and after the manufacturing process
  • Ability to print at high speed in order to adapt to the production pace
  • Excellent print quality on a wide range of printer settings and on both labels and flexible packaging
  • High ink opacity to offer a great white print regardless the label colour
  • Compatibility with the high throughputs of many industries
  • The ink must comply with stringent electronics regulations on Halogens or Heavy metals (2011/65/EC)

AXR 600W is a great fit for all durable colored labels. It has now been running on this application with success for more than 2 years.

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